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 Please Read The Rules & Guidelines!

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Please Read The Rules & Guidelines! Empty
PostSubject: Please Read The Rules & Guidelines!   Please Read The Rules & Guidelines! I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 21, 2006 6:28 pm

Smile Welcome To The Rules & Guidelines!

Guest have to register and use code to activate account to write or reply of poetry with literature, if your here to only look or not write poetry with literature why be here this is not that place.

I have your IP address as an guest and banned members.

Poetry In The Works welcomes new members daily.

Please read these rules and obey by them,
post your name here in rules and guidelines to show that you agree with them.
Any member that is found not doing so will be banned this is a structured website!

Always follow the https://www.forumotion.com/en/create-forum/terms-of-service.htm Forumotion Terms of Service.

1. NO VULGAR CONTENT. Please refrain from using any vulgar language that would offend someone else. If a curse word is used, you must put a warning in the topic, and the word must be used in a scientific term As this board is used by ages 13+ otherwise you be banned!

2. NO PERSONAL INSULTS/ABUSE. This site is provided to you for free, and you are free to disagree with other posters, but if you stoop to personal abuse or attacks, your post(s) will be deleted. If you ARE insulted then report the post – PLEASE do NOT retaliate. If you do retaliate you are no better than the abuser and you too will be treated as an abuser as stated above. Retaliation by anyone against another is in no way showing any respect for yourself, the person who offended you, nor the rest of the readers of the forums. Treat each other with Dignity and Respect otherwise you be banned!

3. RESPECT THE COPYWRITE. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to the respective owner herein. Permission to reproduce must be obtained from the respective owners. If your quoting another…give credit where credit is due otherwise you be banned!

4. NO XXX Please, no pornographic material, nor pointers to it. (alcohol, sex, pornography, nudity, or any other form of adult content, profanity, hate, "spam," fraud, racism, mlm, pyramid schemes, or promote any illegal activity) otherwise you be banned!

5. NO SPAM OR PIMPING. This refers to the use of this site as a redirector or gateway to another site for the purpose of collecting click income or advertising. This also includes sites/schemes where the affiliate obscures or misleads members. Suggesting links/sites is encouranged, however, this site reserves the right to determine what is and is not SPAM or PIMPING otherwise you be banned!

We reserve the right to edit/delete posts/threads at our discretion. Any post/thread that we deem inappropriate for viewing will be dealt with accordingly. If you have any questions about actions taken against a post/thread please PM the appropriate forum's Moderator. Please remember that this is a general audience message board. All rules violations will be dealt with swiftly, up to and including making your membership in this forum come to an abrupt end otherwise you be banned!

Most Important: Have fun!

You do not get paid for putting your poetry or stories on this site.

Any member that fails to abide by these,
their membership will be immediately
suspended or banned.

You have to be registered to sign the reply.
The reply buttons are on the upper & lower right corners
will say reply, send topic to friend, print.

This site is for all of us who love to write poetry and or read poetry...
the goal of this site is to provide a safe and caring atmosphere for all...
Thank you the staff here at Poetry In The Works.

This Is A Members Only Site
Guests Please Register If Your Here To Only Look Why Be Here!
Members Please Sign In You Be Considered As A Guest!

The Benefits Of Being A Member Includes:

Age Limitations For Boards, Writing, Literature, Vote,
Of Poetry & Short Stories, Replying To Posts, & Creating Polls,
Poetry Contests & Trivia Contests,
Ezine Contest To Be In A Magazine Once A Month!,
Spell Checker In Posts & Replies,
Replace Color Pulldown with Advanced Color Picker v1.0
preview with quick reply,
Report to Admin,
@By Author Or Writer,
Censored Words,
Drop Down Smileys & Advanced Mod With Grandaunt
Signature In Profile,
Avatar Uploader, Avatar Gallery, Link Avatar,
Avatars, Animated Avatars & Add Your Own Avatars,
Add smilies to Quick Reply,
Smileys & Animated Smileys In Posts, Threads, Replies, & Quick Reply,
Animated Icons Inside & Outside Of The Forum,
Animated Stars For The Members, MODs & Admins.
Pm Boxes, Email Boxes, Home Boxes,
Meeting New People, Anything Chat, & Live Chat By ShoutBox
Artwork Gallery, Photo Gallery, Games, Jokes &
With Many More Things Here
Our Realm Takes New Members Daily
Membership Is Free!
Guests Just Have To Register If Your Here To Only Look Why Be Here!
Members Please Sign In To Get Into The Boards Otherwise You Be Considered As A Guest!

Thank you the staff here at Poetry In The Works.

Admin. poetryladycat
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Please Read The Rules & Guidelines!
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